Commercial Insurance

Johnson Connor Agencies works as an Independent Insurance Broker to offer you a wide range of commercial insurance policies through established Insurance Underwriters who take the time to understand the needs of our clients. Our approach to any size or type of commercial risk is that of Risk Management. The first task is risk assessment and the second is what to do to best protect the company from adverse risk. We realize insurance is not a tangible item purchased out of desire, but out of necessity. It is one item that is bought with the hope of not having to use it; but, if needed, it is priceless. In the assessment process we determine areas of exposures and attempt to most reasonably protect those areas.

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Payment Plans

Johnson Connor Agencies, in Stettler and Red Deer Alberta, provides convenient payment options that will satisfy your needs. We offer a wide variety of payment plans including: monthly payments, three pay, bi-yearly, and full pay, to best suit your individual needs.

What does Commercial Insurance Include?

Commercial insurance is used to insure commercial businesses, vehicles and property. Commercial coverage is available on a wide assortment of business risks, from commercially used vehicles to liability exposures presented to businesses. Coverage for businesses is often more complex than personal insurance as it must ensure the proper coverages for the unique needs of businesses.

Commercial insurance is much broader than typical insurance as it can be used to cover anything from vehicles to machinery to equipment and buildings. Since commercial insurance covers such a broad range of risks, a more in depth quote and application is required. Please contact one of our agents or stop in to get started on your commercial insurance policy.