Farm Insurance

Johnson Connor Agencies works as an Independent Insurance Broker to offer you a wide range of farm insurance policies through established Insurance Underwriters who take the time to understand the needs of our clients.

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Payment Plans

Johnson Connor Agencies, in Stettler and Red Deer Alberta, provides convenient payment options that will satisfy your needs. We offer a wide variety of payment plans including: monthly payments, three pay, bi-yearly, and full pay, to best suit your individual needs.

What does Farm Insurance Include?

Farm insurance is used to cover things related to farming. This includes the farm, machinery, tack, tools, livestock, trailers, barns, feed, grain, ect. The farm policy insures a broad range of perils and it is defined by its exclusions.

The coverage on a farm is divided into sections similar to your homeowners policy but the farm insurance policy takes into many of the unique aspects associated with farming. The policy is broke down into a section for the dwelling, which is the house on your farm. The next section is for detached buildings. This can include sheds and detached garages. Typically barns and shops are specifically listed on the policy as they are of a higher value and special attention is paid to these kinds of buildings. The next section is for additional living expenses when the dwelling is made inhabitable by an insured peril. The next section is for liability issues that may arise on the farm. We would be pleased to look into the coverages you need for your farm, so give us a call or stop in and we can get started today.